The Only Maintenance Free Lifetime Deck
The average wood deck needs over 300 hours of maintenance over its useful life of 10 years, or 1000 hours to match the warranty period of a Paverdeck.   If unlimited lifespan is your main objective, then know that the sun and weather will work to decay any decking material.   READ MORE.

Different materials react differently under the sun and weather.  Composite and PVC decking materials are based on polymers which simply will hold up against the effects of the sun and weather as long as stone or steel.  The sun can cause discoloration of polymer-based decking, as well as cause some decking to become hot to the touch. 

If you are stil interested in a wood look, you can install most brands of plastic or capped decking on our galvanized structure (subject to their manufacturer instructions).  Some people incorporate both stone and decking together.  There are also wood-looking concrete pavers - click here.

Add value to your lifestyle.

NO MAINTENANCE.   Paverdeck is the only deck system that requires no maintenance to achieve its lifespan.  The galvanized steel deck structure is designed to last 60-years, or indefinitely with anodes.  Anodes can be replaced as required after 10-15 years of use. 

COST COMPETITIVE. While the galvanized structure costs more than a pressure treated structure, paver surface finishes are available at costs that compete with cedar or mid-grade composite decking - making a Paverdeck cost competitive (i.e. from 10-15%) with traditional cedar or mid-grade composite decks.  But the added-value of a Paverdeck is worth alot more. 

LIFETIME DECK.  An unmatched 30 year structural warranty.  A structure lifespan exceeding 60 years or indefinite with anodes.  A stone finish lifespan can exceed 100 years. 

BEST INVESTMENT.  Adding permament living space to your home will appreciate the value of your home.  Conventional decks are certain to deteriorate and lose value over time, and cost you for maintenance and replacement.  

EARTH FRIENDLY.  Paverdeck is the most earth friendly deck available.  Made from 95% recycled steel and natural materials, Paverdeck does not have a carbon footprint during use, and is the only deck that is 100% completely recylcable - no landfill or incineration.  

DESIGN FREEDOM. PAVERDECKô structures allow for the use of natural stone, pavers, or other maintenance free finishes in any pattern. 

FIREPROOF. PAVERDECKô structures are non-combustible, making them ideal for the west coast. 
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Unlimited deck design options.

FOUNDATIONS.  A Paverdeck foundation can be: (a) floated on-grade using concrete footing pads or concrete block; (b) installed below the frost line on concrete sonotube columns using a Bigfoot or other footing form; or (c) installed below the frost line on steel helical piles.  Check with your local building office for limits.

BELOW OR ABOVE GRADE.  A Paverdeck installation can be at any elevation below or above grade.  You can sink the beams in the ground for at-grade decks or pool surrounds, or install the deck as a second floor balcony for walkout basements.  Deck support columns are typcially concrete (up to 54 inches from grade) and 4x4 steel HSS pipe (up to 20-feet), but we have been seeing aluminum finished structural colums, and 6x6 wood columns (note: preservative treated columns should be flashed and protected from the weather).

BIG CLEAR SPANS.  The galvanized steel deckpan can span 14-feet between beams (12-feet preferred) for a residential deck, and can cantilever 39 inches over a beam - more than any wood structure can do.

MORE DESIGN FLEXIBILITY.   Straight, angled, or curved lines can be incorporated into the deck design with Paverdeck.  A Paverdeck can easily support a hot tub (although we recommend an extra beam and column under the hot tub.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION.  Installation is straightforward for a DIY project or your own contractor.  We generally use a gasoline abrasive cutoff saw (12" or 14") or angle grinder to cut the metal.  You can also use an electric circular saw with appropriate metal cutting blade.  Make sure to follow all safety instructions, including using protective gloves, eye and face protection.

ANODES.  Our deck structure is the only decking system with anode corrosion protection technology, which will provide for an effective unlimited lifespan in your deck investment.  Anodes are inexpensive and simple to install, and require inspection every 10-15 years.  Installation is straightforward for a DIY project or your own contractor. 

SNOWMELT.  A Paverdeck system can be adapted for snowmelt or in-floor heat applications.  We install a Radiant Green insulating panel ontop of the deck which provides an insulation layer as well as a channel for securing PEX hydronic tubing.  Gaps are filled with sand, and stone or concrete pavers applied directly on top.  The hydronic system can be fed from a hot water heater or boiler.  For remote locations, a DC water heater can be energized with a small wind turbine to provide virtually free heat.
Ultimately its your choice.

We don't inventory, sell or earn profit from any surface materials.  

Your house is your largest investment - and ultimately its your choice.  Many designers looking out for your best interests would present the wear and maintenance facts to you ahead of making your decking finish decision.  Some are simply inclined to recommend wood and composites based on their familiarity with these materials or for their own economic reasons. 

All materials have their limitations.  Some hardwoods don't survive a Canadian winter freeze thaw cycle and warp.  Some composite decking needs airspace beneath to allow moisture to dry.  We have successfully installed cedar decking on sleepers, PVC and other plastic decking on our docks - but advise the client that the decking is the limiting feature and may need to be replaced after its useful life.  We have successfully installed a concrete decking product from Armtec and Techo-bloc.

Despite the investment we have in our homes, we spend more time and money buying a car that will only last eight years.

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TREX, the market leader in composite and capped decking products, has made the move into galvanized steel deck structures with its launch of the Trex Elevations product line. 
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From Bob in Lionshead, Ontario . . . "I just want to drop you a note letting you know that I have completed the Patio installation.  Once the footings were in and level, the installation of the deck bed was very straight-forward.  I was able to complete the deck bed portion in about 6 hours all by myself ( I'm 67 years old and have had 5 heart attacks ), so it was a good DIY project.  The installation was even easier than you had described and the instruction from your web site were clear and helpful."

A project for anyone to assemble.
From Steve in Sante Fe New Mexico . . . "Looks like everything was there.   This deck goes together fast! Installed most of the deck last week by myself. Great product, will be tackling the stairs next weekend, a few progress pics...."
Paverdeck is simple to install for DIY and contractors.
What Else can you do with PAVERDECKô?

Snow Melt or In-floor Heating.  Traditional decks cannot incorporate a snow-melt or in-floor heating system.  A PAVERDECKô stone or concrete paver deck is the only deck system that can provide an inexpensive snow-melt or in-floor heating option.  Perfect for use with stairs, or heated sunrooms. CLICK HERE

Dry space under deck.  Traditional decks let water fall through the deck onto channels to collect water - which are expesive ($7-10/sf) and can still result in rotting and moldy wood.  With PAVERDECKô, you can install a simple EPDM roofing membrane beneath the pavers for under $2/sf.

Permeable Pavers allows water to pass through the deck.  The PAVERDECKô system has drainage capacity of 2 inches per minute, which can accommodate extreme rainfall and snowmelt, and promotes the proper percolation of surface water to the ground.  The PAVERDECKô system has been successfully applied in urban infrastructure projects for stormwater management and to promote urban tree growth.  CLICK HERE.

Boat Launch. A PAVERDECKô boat launch can cantilever under water without touching the river or lake bed.  This may eliminate the need for a permit.  CLICK HERE

Ramp. A PAVERDECKô can beused as a ramp for commerical or residential applications.  CLICK HERE
Paverdeck has patented unique attributes the competition can't match:

  • An unlimited lifespan.
  • Non-combustible materials.
  • No expansion/contraction or warping.
  • A 30-year structural warranty.
  • Less footings required.
  • Zero carbon footprint - the greenest deck system.
  • Easy installation. Pre-engineered.
  • Most affordable.

Paverdeck is your best choice for a stone deck system.
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